The Feminist Rebrand

(Blog post 9, Keira Scurry)

 Project title: The Feminist Rebrand (new title to come).

Emergent Practice: Social Action

The issue: Feminism is a rising issue in contemporary culture, however due to a lack of interaction among feminist movements and ideas surrounding gender expectations, feminism is regarded as an offensive topic. To most of society, feminists are regarded as being masculine, loud, and violent, therefore their values are disregarded and overlooked.

To eliminate feminism as an issue, and open a healthy and educated discussion on feminist values. A shift needs to occur in how people perceive feminists; the end goal is for feminists to be defined purely by their values and relieved of the ‘masculine’ stigma. Feminism has no face, only a definitive voice.

Design action to support the change: In order to combat this stigma and increase awareness on feminism, I am giving feminism a much-needed re-brand. The feminist brand will be purely typographic in order to establish a powerful tone of voice rather than focus on faces and looks. As pointed out in previous blog posts, the feminist brand needs to be gender-neutral in a way that emulates sophistication and legitimacy, yet still highly playful. This does not mean straying away from blues and pinks, but instead designing the brand in a way that is thoughtful and completely separate from stereotypes.

The typography will be highly experimental and fun, ranging from hand rendered to crisp and refined, in order to create a personality for the brand. This way, viewers are able to construct legitimate opinions on their interpretation of the ‘personality’ being presented to them, and preconceived stigmas are abandoned.

The brand will contain posters, billboards, and a social media presence in order to appeal to my target market of a young, internet-active millennial. The posters themselves will contain definitions and exhibit the core values of feminism simply as they are – maybe even play on some questions for the viewer to answer.

The feminist rebrand needs to be executed in a way that does not associate or provoke any preconceived ideas of gender or masculinity, in order to truly contribute to a shift in the way society thinks and operates.

This is a mood board in order to demonstrate the kind of playful typographic aesthetic the brand will have.

mood board


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