Rebecca.S (blog post 9)

Project title: Make me Instafamous (not refined yet)

Emergent practice: Social action in the form of an experimental process to make my audience rethink the social construct of women in the digital age.

The issue: The sexualisation of women in social media and its negative effects it has on women’s body image and men’s expectations of women. In today’s digital world we are been accustomed to viewing highly sexualised imagery of women, as well as the internet being a primary perpetrator of negative comments towards women. This is achieved through viral videos, trolling such as the ‘make me a sandwich’ comments that were used in 2009. There is a highly negative stigma attached to the term feminism or gender equality, this will be the challenge when attempting to appeal to a large audience particularly those known as the ‘keyboard warriors’ that use social media to comment on issues they would not usually be able to in real life.

The possible change: That men and women will be treated equally in their representation, and to change the views of young men. To provide information in a satirical way that informs people about gender equality rather than segregate the idea of feminism so that peoples negative understanding of the term is debunked.

The design action to support the change: Create a social media campaign in a way that will engage my 18-25 year old audience utilising social media techniques such as memes and viral imagery.

What next: In order to move forward I need to continue my research on what a successful social media campaign would be. I also need to continue receiving a greater insight into my audience from the male perspective as so far I have just interviewed women. By speaking to men I will be able to gain greater insights in the problem and make conclusions as to how change could occur. I look forward to discussing with my brief with my peers and tutor, as my current thinking is not refined.


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