Final Design Proposition: Build Your Own Feminist

(Blog post 10, Keira Scurry)

Project title:

Build Your Own Feminist

Emergent Practice:

Social Action

The issue:

Feminism is a rising issue in contemporary culture, however due to a lack of interaction among feminist movements and ideas surrounding gender expectations, feminism is regarded as an offensive topic. To most of society, feminists are regarded as being masculine, loud, and violent, therefore their true values are disregarded and undermined.


  • To eliminate the negative connotations associated with the word ‘feminism’.
  • Open up a healthy and educated discussion on feminism to society.
  • Provoke thought surrounding preconceived ideas of gender expectations, and how these expectations have impacted individual opinions of feminists.
  • Feminists to be defined purely by their values and relieved of the ‘masculine’ and ‘violent’ stigma.

Target market:

  • Young millennial aged 18-24, in the Sydney region.
  • The primary target market are those who are active in general feminist discussion (particularly on the Internet where most of the negativity occurs), and have negative perceptions on feminists.
  • The secondary market is those who have little interest on the whole issue, yet hope to expand the discussion and provoke thought.

Design Action:

Feminism has no face, only a definitive voice.

In order to combat this stigma and increase awareness on feminism, I am giving the term ‘feminism’ a much-needed re-brand through an interactive web platform. This platform combines various facial features from people, in order to form randomly composed faces. This generative platform will allow users to not only upload their own face for the brand, but also play around with different features and essentially “build their own feminist”. The artworks and faces produced will then roll out into a poster campaign, with accompanying definitions of feminism. If possible, I am aiming to avoid using the word ‘feminism’ altogether in the posters, in order to establish a valid opinion from my audience, without preconceived ideas of the term tainting their interpretation of the campaign.

The facial features used will be more than just photographs; the final compositions will have a highly playful and collage-like aesthetic. It is integral to make the campaign gender-neutral through incorporating both male and female facial features, and also avoiding stereotypical colour schemes. The most important component to this design action is emphasising the fact that a feminist does not act, sound, or especially look a certain way – they are purely defined by their voice and values.

In defacing feminism, audiences are stripped of any predetermined opinions on the matter and instead are inclined to participate in the cause in order to gain a more holistic understanding.


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