Final Proposition

Project title: How does she do it all?

Emergent practice: Social action

The issue: Women are far more insecure and take less risks in the workplace and hold themselves back due to societal perceptions that women’s main role should be in the home, the fact that men do less work at home making women lean back in the workplace and the double standards for women.

The possible change: To “end the self-fulfilling belief that “women can’t do this, women can’t do that” (self-doubt too) through inspiring young women to master confidence in the workplace through solutions such as “keep your hand up and sit at the table”(take risks, negotiate) and “fake it till you make it” strategy (body language).

Design action: Empowering advertising video that uses voiceover of successful women leaders around the world such as Sheryl Sandberg small personal stories to show these solutions at play and that they have worked successfully. Or possibly posters that use quotes or stories of the woman who overcame these issues using such techniques.

By Koshila Perera


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